Hey, do you have any recommendations for Baltimore and/or Jersey Club music? Compilations, mixes, etc?

This mix by DJ Angelbaby, Get Pumped Volume 1 just came out and it’s pretty incredible. It also acts as a good introduction to what a lot of the new wave of Baltimore producers (Juwan who is still in his teens, Pierre and Murder Mark in their early 20s, and James Nasty, a little older) are doing and it’s fairly separate from the classic “Bmore club” sound popularized in the mid-2000s when “Bmore club” had its mini moment. I’ve been pushing Murder Mark and Pierre for a few years now. There’s no reason other than resources that these kids aren’t fucking huge right now.

Another thing that’s cool about Angelbaby’s mix is that she nods to club producers in Philly and Jersey, which has always been taboo for Baltimore DJs to do (this is a bit out of date, but here’s something I wrote in 2009 about Baltimore/Philadelphia/New Jersey club and while we’re at it, here’s a piece about Baltimore’s role in house music, which led to club). If you’ve ever checked out DJ Diamond Kuts from Philly (who also produced Nicki’s “Stupid Hoe”), then you’ll notice that Angelbaby’s mixes work similarly, though I actually think Angelbaby is a better DJ. This is probably blasphemous or something, but the club scene is always grouchy about everything, so whatever: Diamond Kuts’ DJing is just super-chaotic and nutty and sloppy and that’s awesome, but it also wears thin. Awesome to hear when you’re driving and great for teenagers who don’t care about “proper DJing” and don’t know no better, but still. Artful club mixes are a rare treat.

My Jersey Club knowledge is pretty entry-level, though Jersey has become, especially in the past few years, where the most creative stuff is happening. My friend Puja Patel, who knows about these things (and whose My Crew Be Unruly parties were not only the best things ever but I think, key to getting Baltimore to more fully embrace the Jersey and Philly club scenes) wrote a nice thing about DJ Sliink’s LFTF Mix. So, go check that out. I was supposed to go to a Jersey Club show with her and some other people in Newark about a month ago, but we ate at the worst restaurant ever and it took like 90 minutes to get our garbage food and by then I had to train it back to my apartment or be stuck in Newark all night and then my dog would’ve been very sad. 

A few others: I recommend DJ Sega’s New Jack Philly, which is just one of the most incredible club releases ever, really. Right along with 410 Pharoahs’ 410 Funk album (on Spotify). I would also say Rod Lee’s Vol. 5: The Official (also on Spotify), which happened to drop as “outsiders” began getting geeked about club was a good introduction for a lot of people. And Baltimore (by way of St. Louis) producer Schwarz released this mix New Beginnings Vol. 1 that is very good and gets into weirder more Internet-y territory. James Nasty’s The Truth About James Nasty, which ends with an incredible refix of the Temptations’ “My Girl,” on some, leaving a club at 5am and the sun’s rising and it’s beautiful type shit.